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Organic Smartea is our new sensational tea to support weight management. It can be taken as a delicious hot tea or as an iced tea. Featuring our proprietary blend of organic Matcha Green Tea, significantly more superior than regular Green tea, with over 10 times more nutrients and more than 100 times more antioxidants. Included in this formula is organic Maca Extract, referred to as Peruvian Ginseng, 5 times stronger than regular Maca, it is absolutely amazing for energy and stamina.
Organic Smartea is both refreshing and thoroughly enjoyable to drink. The predominant taste is delicious wholefood freeze-dried organic lemon. Organic Matcha Green Tea contains some caffeine, so you can replace your coffee and tea with Organic Smartea and get a huge host of benefits like nothing else on the market. It is our unique formula and creation.

Organic Smartea is now available on pre-order, we anticipate shipping pre-orders on Friday 27th September  Please do not be disappointed if it sells out, we have more ingredients en route which will arrive next month. 

30 servings, 60g net weight

Organic Smartea

Organic Smartea

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