Beauty and the Dirt

NewGen Superfoods Plus came first place in Beauty and the Dirt's 'Favourite Five Superfood Blends'. Since this article was published, we have doubled the amount of friendly bacteria to over 10 billion per serving and added greens, sprouts and grasses. All these fabulous additional benefits, without increasing the price! Beauty and the Dirt loved our previous blend, just wait until they see our newly enhanced formula! 

'First up? NewGen Superfoods Plus. It's an all-in-one supplement that blends 34 raw wholefood fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, fibre and protein with a whopping 5 billion probiotics, 5 digestive enzymes, more than 60 trace minerals and probiotics. Got that?' Although it can be added to water, we advise whizzing up in a smoothie so the powder dissolves perfectly, or with an unsweetened almond milk. It's 100% natural, so free from any nasties, big thumbs up!'