Sunday People

In the Sunday People's magazine, 'Love Sunday', their journalist wrote an article about our ground-breaking all-in-one supplement, NewGen Superfoods Plus, called 'Beauty from Within'. 

'Love Sunday' stated, ' It's not just what you put on your face'. 'We find it impossible to keep track of the latest supplements that models and celebs credit for their glowing skin, but a new product might make it easier to keep up.' 'A serving of NewGen Superfoods Plus from NewGen contains an impressive 34 raw wholefood fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, fibre and protein, antioxidant fruit extracts, digestive enzymes and more than 5 billion probiotics.' 'The supplement can be mixed with almond milk to make a tasty smoothie or can enjoyed with water for a beauty-boosting drink.' 'It's worth a try if you ever need a pick-me-up or are doing a detox.'

Since this article was published, we have since launched our newly enhanced formula of NewGen Superfoods Plus, with double the amount of friendly bacteria (dairy-free freeze-dried (the very best)), now 10 billion per serving, plus our blend now includes a range of greens, sprouts and grasses for even more added benefits, all for the same great price working out to 21p per gram, sold at several times less than market value by our family owned certified organic company.