Sunday Mail and Mail Online

As reported in the Sunday Mail and Mail Online, celebrity and Big Brother star Angie Best, uses our breakthrough all-in-one supplement NewGen Superfoods Plus. In an interview with their journalist Angie states, "Mid-morning, I mix coconut water, a teaspoon of turmeric, a chunk of fresh ginger and a sachet of NewGen Superfoods Plus, which contains powdered organic fruit, vegetables, seeds, grains and digestive enzymes (it's the perfect meal replacement if you want to diet), in my trusty NutriBullet."

Since this article was published, we have launched our enhanced version of this best selling formula, now with double the amount of dairy-free freeze-dried friendly bacteria (10 billion per serving), with the added benefits of a range of additional ingredients including certified organic greens, sprouts and grasses. All these additional benefits are being brought to you for the same great price, which amounts to only 21p per gram, much cheaper than its market value.

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