Even though we are a certified organic company, using the finest ingredients and quality standards, we are often much cheaper than companies in the industry who use conventionally farmed ingredients and synthetic nutrients. The reason why; we are a family run business with a mission to help people’s health and our mark up is very small compared to many large commercial operations. Below is an example to highlight this point;


A globally well-known competitor sells fruit and veggie blends. Their ingredients are not organic, so they will be approximately 2 to 2 1/2 times less expensive to buy compared to ours. In their company video, they refer to heat being used when they dry their ingredients, which means that their ingredients are not freeze-dried, as no heat is used at all in freeze-drying. Freeze-drying almost doubles the cost of the ingredients, compared to the next best drying process. We can safely say that their ingredients are approximately 3 to 3/12 times less expensive taking into account that they are conventionally farmed and not freeze-dried.

The competitor products do not include an extensive range of trace minerals, high dose friendly bacteria, high potency antioxidant extracts, digestive enzymes, organic ingredients etc. Their products are not rich in antioxidants and will have a very low Total ORAC. Even though their products are not providing anywhere near the benefits of our product or the quality, their products are significantly more expensive gram for gram. The company charges £57.75 for a month supply, which doesn’t seem too bad, however you only get a 4.5g daily serving which works out at 42p per gram.


Our product is considerably more expensive to make than the competitor’s products, with a much more comprehensive blend, but we only charge 21p per gram. If we charged 42p per gram, as the competitor does, then it would make our product £151.20 a month, plus there would be additional costs on top for the other ingredients in our product and the huge difference in the quality. Taking all these factors into consideration, using the competitor company’s estimated pricing structure, based on the facts that we have, if they sold our product it would probably be in excess of £550 per month. Isn’t it surprising, when you get down to the detail, just how different companies pricing structures can be?