After growing up seeing his father run some of the most successful Direct Selling Companies in his day, Clinton Sellers followed in his footsteps in the late 1980’s, over 30 years ago, and has a wealth of experience. After being a Director of a well-known supplement company in the mid 90’s, Clinton became their top European Distributor, with a multi-million pound (sterling) turnover distributing over 200 different types of supplements. Giving regular talks during his career, Clinton went on to teach many thousands of people about business, food supplements and health. With a passion for health, Clinton’s professional training includes Human Sciences, Biomedicine, Biochemistry, Pathologies [the cause, origin and nature of diseases] and Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine, the leading college in its field in the UK. Over the years, Clinton became increasingly frustrated with companies in the supplement industry using misleading marketing, bulking products out with genetically modified fillers, using cheap poorly absorbed nutrients and mixing carriers, controversial sweeteners, synthetic nutrients and other commercially driven choices which were not conducive to health. After a successful career in the industry, he decided it was time to create the quality product and company that he had been searching for.

After several months in manufacturing, NewGen Superfoods Plus was deemed impossible to create, but with perseverance and determination, 17 months later we had a breakthrough in February 2013. After 12 months of studies and a trial period with people using our cutting-edge formula, NewGen Direct was launched in March 2014. In our first 12 months, we distributed NewGen Superfoods Plus to customers in 22 countries across the world and testimonials poured in from people of all ages who experienced life-changing benefits. One of our first customers was one of the top premiership football (soccer) clubs in the UK. Within weeks of launching NewGen Direct, our certified organic company started to be featured in the main stream British national press.

Our remarkable product required a remarkable business opportunity to launch it internationally. The other part of Clinton’s career included advising companies coming into the Direct Selling industry on how to get started, helping design their business infrastructure from scratch, creating their marketing plans and helping established businesses alike. Still today, Clinton is the only person ever in the history of the Direct Selling Association (DSA) to own both a DSA member company and a certified DSA supplier’s company at the same time. With a wealth of experience, Clinton was well positioned to design a phenomenal bespoke business opportunity for people joining NewGen Direct. Many tell us that they have been waiting years for a company this like with such a fabulous product and business offering without the hurdles seen in many companies. Many describe NewGen Direct as a breath of fresh air offering a very exciting and rewarding opportunity for people who want a part or full-time business that they can be proud of and enjoy.