Initially, NewGen Superfoods Plus was deemed impossible to create, but through shear determination, passion and with the help of leading experts in their fields, after 17 months we had a breakthrough in the labs and NewGen Direct was launched with our flagship product NewGen Superfoods Plus in 2014.

We are not just a company that tells you that we have a great product, we use some of the best independent labs to prove it. Brunswick Labs is recognised across the globe as a leader in their field. They have performed two pre-clinical trials on our product, plus a fully comprehensive suite of antioxidants tests called ORAC, HORAC, NORAC, SORAC & SOC testing. This suite of tests is also known as Total ORAC5.0. Please see the chart below to view our exceptional Brunswick Labs certified tests results. You can also click on any of the results to see the test certificate.

Please note, when downloading our certificates of analysis, it is not permitted to duplicate or alter the certificate in any way.

For those who understand these test results, you will see the exceptional nature of our product.

Please also see our scientific tests with LGC's renowned sports science lab and ALS's nutritional testing labs

Our revolutionary product is not only vegetarian & vegan friendly, but we also do not test on animals.


Founded in 1997, Brunswick Laboratories is a leader in bioanalytical solutions serving the food, nutraceutical, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries. Since 1997, Brunswick Laboratories has led the way in quantifying the antioxidant capacity of foods and nutrients, and other health-related substances. Working closely with the USDA, they have improved and validated a method called ORAC testing and the more comprehensive Total ORAC5.0 testing.

Brunswick Labs' services span from basic botanical testing to biological efficacy evaluation including cellular assays, preclinical studies and clinical study analysis.

Brunswick Labs is recognised internationally by leading health research institutions and companies in the nutraceutical, food, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.