Organic ProteinFix Vanilla
  • Organic ProteinFix Vanilla

Organic ProteinFix Vanilla

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Introducing our incredibly smooth, velvety, delicious, naturally flavoured Certified Organic ProteinFix range.

Organic ProteinFix Vanilla combines the very best from nature, with the backing of cutting edge science. This unique formula is revolutionary and provides extensive benefits. Unlike most protein supplements on the market, our Organic ProteinFix range does not contain any dairy, soya, whey, any added sugar, sweeteners, gums, additives, synthetic nutrients, artificial flavourings, bulking agents, flowing agents, mixing & anti-caking agents, maltodextrin or e-numbers. This is a 100% clean natural product, the formula is sensational.

Organic ProteinFix Vanilla is very easy to digest and kind to your digestive tract. Quick and easy to mix on the move, this product can be taken in the morning to support energy, stamina & vitality. With Organic ProteinFix, you will feel satisfied with the large serving of protein and fibre, and it also makes a fabulous post workout drink, ideally taken within 90 minutes after exercise for optimal benefits. With exceptional benefits for hair, skin & nails, many people will notice a flatter tummy too!

Pack size 600g, providing 15 servings. Each 40g serving of Organic ProteinFix Vanilla provides over 21g of plant protein, 18 amino acids (including all the 9 essential amino acids) and approximately 1,000mg of heart loving Beta Glucans. The formula is high in fibre and all the vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring from the Certified Organic ingredients.


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Organic ProteinFix Vanilla

Organic ProteinFix Vanilla

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